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The most common belief is that cannabinoids are the chemical components found in hemp and marijuana plants. This is true, but not entirely.

Firstly, not all compounds of the cannabis plant are cannabinoids. There are over 480 natural components in cannabis, and at least 113 of them have been classified as cannabinoids.

Secondly, the definition is as follows: any chemical substance that binds the cannabinoids receptors in the brain and body and has similar effects to the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant. So, that’s the cannabinoids definition. But, what does it mean? Put simply, cannabinoids are not just found in cannabis. There are cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, there are cannabinoids in people and animals, and there are cannabinoids produced in labs.

The cannabinoid is a term that covers Phytocannabinoids, Synthetic Cannabinoids, and Endocannabinoids. The main difference between the three is where and how they occur.



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